Google Actions


Google Actions : The NEW form Of Technology, SEO, App, And All That You Need To Invest In For Your Radio Station......

Heard Of Google Actions?

It Is The Latest Technology In Voice Search And Digital Assisstants, And It Is Causing Marketers, Radio Station Owners, And Listeners To Take Notice, By Simply Giving A Simple Command Like This,

Google, "Talk To My Radio Station"

Does It Help Your Radio Station/Brand?

Answer In Just 1 Simple Word, (YES) And It Helps Tremendously.
The Reason Why Is, It Is A Part Of Google, And Everybody Today Is Of Course Using Google.

Google Actions Is Another Form Of Alexa But, Made For Google Speakers & Google Devices Built With Google Assistant, And It Is Very Simple To Use To Connect Your Station To Any Google Speaker Or Google Device With Google Assistant Built In.

Devices Such As, Google Nest Mini, Google Nest Hub Max, Google Nest Audio, Sonos One, Sonos Move, Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen), Lenovo Smart Clock, Lenovo Smart Display, Bose Portable Home Speaker, Sonos Beam (Gen 2).

The List Goes On And On.

Google Actions are the apps of smart speakers. There has been millions of smart speakers that have been sold to date as of 2023 and many more to be sold.

Knowing that, just think of just how many listeners that can get easy access to listen to your radio station.

Easily stay connected with your favorite station/stations anywhere you go, get things done, and enjoy your time with hands-free help from your Google Assistant. Your Google Assistant is there to help you on the go.

Google Actions work with any Google Assistant device and can have your Google Action built in minutes.(Approval of Google Action from Google Action Store may take up to 72 hours)

They’re the equivalent to Amazon Alexa Skills, and function similarly to an app or chatbot in that they allow your RADIO STATION to power the Action with their own language and support a specific function.

All that has to be done is say Google, Talk to my radio station and Google will say Ok, Let's Get Your Radio Station, Ok, here's your radio station

Simple as that.....

Want an easy way for your LISTENERS to listen to your station, Build an Action for your station today with us here at . Enabling a skill is an Alexa equivalent to downloading an app. Google Actions are always available to everyone. No extra steps. By creating actions, radio stations are able to bring their streams 24/7/365 to the Google Assistant on Google Home.